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Conbust 2018!

Hello Friends! ^_^ !! 

Yesterday me and my friend Cas set up our first artist booth at Conbust at Smith College. There are so many nice people and talented local artists there so if you are in the area, you should stop by and enjoy the fun!  It was so much fun to talk to everyone and I can’t wait to come back Sunday to sell some more art and make more friends!! Next stop is Anime Boston!! 




So yesterday I got the news that me and my friend Cas from Off the Map will be setting up our very first table at Anime Boston’s artist alley! This is so cool and I am overflowing with excitement ! We’ll be selling prints, charms, and hopefully I’ll be able to make some pins! I’m also going to open store possibly on here soon  ?? In the mean time, enjoy this cutie mermaid I did this week!




~Elfen Things~

Have you watched Stranger Things yet!? Well if you did then you might’ve heard about the anime that was said to have inspired it called Elfen Lied! In tribute to both shows, I made this cute NaNaxEleven mash up digital piece the other day and I’m thinking of making it Into a tattoo! Please get in touch with me or the shop if you’re interested! Also since I’ve been heavily diving into my digital stuff lately this means I’ll be able to bring you all prints, stickers, pins and maybe even patches?! Let me know your thoughts on what merch you’d like to see and what types of subject matter by sending me a email!

thanks for reading ^_^




Hello cuties!

  So I have some exciting news I wanted to share with you! Tonight I’ll be on Off The Map Live’s webcast at 8pm and I’m pretty excited to talk more about tattooing (and along side so many great artists too!)Be sure to head over to to check it out, it’s gonna be fun!

As always thanks for your support hope to see you watching!



Kawaiiween flash! And stickers?! FINALLY!

Hello cuties !

So I have some fun stuff to talk about! Here’s my newest flash sheet out right now with cute kawaiiween designs! All of these are one shot designs meaning I will only tattoo these once, and on only one person in the entire universe! Feel free to contact me on here if you are interested in adopting one of these ^_^. (Except Luna she’s already been claimed! ). I also ordered my first set of stickers today ahhhh! I’m so excited for all the Kawaii things in my future that I can share with you all!

I can’t wait to tell you more!





Hey tattoo cuties!!

  I'm so excited to be able to welcome you into my tiny corner on the internet ! (I finally have my own dot com!! ) Lately my life has been changing in a lot of ways! I'm very happy to announce that I am apart of the amazing crew of Off the Map Tattoo , a legendary shop located in Easthampton, Massachusetts along with my significant other Justin ( check him out too!! We moved all the way from Oregon to tattoo here and I'm so humbled to work in this studio. I've been tattooing for seven in a half years now, always looking up to various artists who were representing the Off the Map Tattoo shops ( with locations like Oregon, Italy, and where I'm currently at in Massachusetts ) And it's just unreal to be able to have the opportunity. While I'm here I hope to connect with fellow anime nerd and kawaii enthusiasts so we can create super cute tattoos together and maybe even being cosplay buddies together?! Also, I wanted to thank the many clients I have spread across the states; from Florida to the PNW and even in the mid west, I STILL SEE YOU CUTIES!! Thank you all for your endless support<3

Big things are coming soon, I'm so excited to show you!!






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